I was given the opertunity by the National Forest Company to come up with a design for the front of the Tollgate Brewery bar at Timber Festival 2022. I cut various sizes of rounds from timber I had felled from local woods as part of my volunteering with Heartwood Community Woodfuel Group.  There are rounds from Donisthorpe Woodland Park, Woodcote Wood in Smisby, Foxley Wood in Linton, and a private wood in Roslistion.

I laid out the first batch of about 250 rounds to check how they looked and soon realised that I would need to cut lots more, I stopped counting after a while but guestimate that there must be getting close to a thousand. Small rounds where cut on the bandsaw, medium rounds on the chainsaw bench, and the large rounds free hand with the chainsaw. The front of all the rounds were sanded and then some had descriptions of where the came from and four of the large rounds had the National Forest Company and the Tollgate Brewery logos laser engraved before they were all glued to the back board.